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Do you have a box of family letters or diaries whose stories need to be told?

What about a business proposal that is languishing on your desk?

An outside resource may be just what you need. As a published author and business executive, I find the best way to tell your personal or corporate story.

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Jill Hofstra – Writer, Editor, Chronicler

AboutYour Story

Jill Hofstra linkedin photoEveryone has a story, what’s yours? As a ghost writer, I’ve helped many people tell their stories, and whether it was a personal triumph from tragedy, family history, a “behind the scenes” account of events, or even a creative work of fiction, the words and the voice of the author always remain recognizable as their own. I can do the same for you and will help you weave and craft your own unique musings and memoir, defining your uniqueness, and bringing to life the wisdom you wish to share.   My journey began with when I discovered my own beloved grandmother’s diaries. As I captured and published her story, “Edwina,” I realized others had similar family histories and treasures waiting to be published or to be turned into family keepsakes. This is just one example of the type of project you might have in mind. Waste no time! Together, we can turn your words and your “someday” project into a reality and a legacy to pass down for generations to come.  

I’d love to hear your story.

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AboutYour Business Story

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Every business has a story to tell. My years of experience as a business executive prepared me to write clear, concise and actionable business and sales copy. The types of writing projects I have been involved with are too numerous to mention, but range from straight forward curriculum and instructional materials to advertising copy and sales presentations. In addition to the writing and editing, I will also assist with your strategy, keeping your communications on-point, focused, and polished.

If your to-do list is overflowing with RFPs and writing projects, let’s discuss how I can complete these for you- on time and within budget.

I’d love to tell your story.

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AboutMy Story

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Jill Hofstra

“Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but about how well you bounce.”

After more than 25 years of working in the dog-eat-dog corporate world of Manhattan marketing and media, I recently decided to take the leap and bounce into my passion – story telling.

My career as a corporate executive was focused on global consumer and business-to-business marketing and sales, but during that time I not only had the opportunity to create effective business plans and proposals, but also to write and edit books, on-line university curriculum, newsletters, and web, newspaper, radio and television copy.

Whether a personal memoir, business presentation, or sales proposal, “telling a selling story” is my specialty and my passion.

Contact me to discuss the project you may have in mind. I’d love to hear your story.


Business Testimonials

“If you are considering Jill for a project or consulting assignment, you will be well-served by hiring her. Jill is terrific to work with. ICSC, the trade association of the shopping center industry, with over 70,000 members worldwide, has worked with Jill on program planning committees, and in the editing of various publications and manuals. Jill completes the work on-time, within budget, goes the “extra mile,” and uses her vast knowledge of retail real estate and copywriting/editing to skillfully complete the projects. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss Jill Hofstra further with me.”

Madison Gross

Director, Program Content Development & Sustainability Initiatives

International Council of Shopping Centers

“I am writing as a testimonial to the expert services rendered to me by Jill Hofstra in helping me build the content for my website. Ms. Hofstra met with me and my staff on several occasions. She drafted a website. She worked with me on finalizing same and she did an absolutely professional job in aiding me. I am extremely happy with the results as borne out by the responses I am receiving from prospective clients. Should you require any further information, I trust you will not hesitate to contact me.”

Jay Davis

Law Office of Jay Davis, PLLC

Attorney at Law

Garden City, New York

“I have contracted with Jill Hofstra over the years on various business projects that required her to research and write, and she undertook every assignment with enthusiasm and professionalism.”

Rudolph E. Milian, CRX, CSM, CMD

President and CEO

Woodcliff Realty Advisors, LLC

“Jill Hofstra recently handled a writing project for my company that will bring creativity and fun to otherwise technical and difficult content for training classes for the Import and Export community. Thanks to Jill’s writing creativity, her responsiveness to our needs, and her diligence to get the job done within a specified period of time, the result was a succinct, easy to understand, and enjoyable learning experience for our customers.”

Cindy Allen

Tradeforce Multiplier CEO/Founder

“Like so many new writers who want to tell a story I had no guidance and no direction. I needed professional advice. Jill Hofstra gave me just that. Jill gives her honest opinion to let you know what your story needs and works with you to achieve your goal. She works within her scheduled time frame in an efficient manner and gives you multiple opportunities to see the evolution of your story come to life. She stays true to your voice without compromising your story. I highly recommend Jill Hofstra to make your dream turn into a reality.”

Debra Mastro

New York, N.Y.

Edwina Book Reviews

“I really enjoyed this book. Wasn’t sure how I would take to reading a book about someone’s life a long time ago, but I found I couldn’t put in down. It was a tremendous contrast from then til now with all the technology we have at our disposal today. The book was able to stimulate several emotions form laughter to tears. I ordered several as Christmas gifts this year.”

(Barnes & Nobel review of Edwina)

“I was immediately drawn into Edwina’s life and spirited childhood. Loved her humor and perspective, and really enjoyed the experience of living in turn-of- the-century Boston through Edwina’s tale. There are a dozen or more wonderful stories within the story. Life might have been tough, but her appreciation for simple pleasures provides a great perspective on the truly important things in life. This book was a treasure.”

(Barnes & Nobel review of Edwina)

“Thoroughly enjoyed this fast read. Interesting to go back to the beginning of the 20th century and learn how life was for a single mother and young daughter in Boston. How proud Edwina was of what she had – not what she didn’t have. This brought back conversations with my own mother who was born in 1905.”

(Amazon review of Edwina)

“Edwina and her childhood seem to me like scenes of an old film. One of the nostalgic black-and-white ones from the penultimate turn of the century…..I did not have a visual imagination. Now I have.”

(Amazon review of Edwina)


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